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What kind of translations do I deal with?

I deal with technical and specialist translations – such as user manuals, articles from online newspapers or blogs, CVs, applications for international contests, private correspondence, and so on. But I also deal with transcreations, proofreading and localizations of websites.

What are my areas of expertise?

Mainly oenology, tourism and travel, IT, statistics, biology, fashion, and marketing.

How much time does a Japanese-Italian translation take?

I normally translate 4000 characters per day. But it greatly depends on the kind of translation: I need to see the text before giving an answer.

How much does a Japanese-Italian translation cost?

There isn’t a fixed price for a Japanese-Italian translation. Again, I need to see the text before giving an answer. But the price per character starts from 0.10 euro (+4% INPS).

What does the price of an Japanese-Italian translation depend on?

It depends on several factors, but mainly on the kind of text: a general translation (e.g. not a user manual) doesn’t cost as much as a strictly technical text. Urgency, final quality, and format affect the final cost as well.

What format should a text be?

In general, I accept any format. However, a Word file allows me to work faster and more easily, consequently reducing time and cost.